London's male yogi

Going beyond your boundaries

Finding your strength through breath work and visualisation

Felix Price

Londons male yogi: Pushing the boundaries of flexibility


Felix Price is a London based instructor fusing ancient and modern yoga practices dedicating his workouts aiding practitioners in remaining Mindful and finding / discovering inner peace within themselves. 

His practice is balanced alongside weights, calisthenics and martial arts. 

He describes his practice as: 

– Blissful

– Light

– Happy

– Joyful

– Healthy

– Strong

– Clear

– Giving him a mental clarity 

Below is a video where Uk photographer Ian Derry has filmed him doing some yoga whilst Felix talks in the background about the goodness it has brought and continues to bring into his life. 

He says “The experience of yoga is one of absolute balance.” 

He then continues on to tell the audience how it affected him. “I had an experience in my life that changed everything. I had this feeling I’ve never felt before, all of a sudden I saw my life from a much bigger perspective.” 

completelyIsn’t this wonderful? To feel blissful after yoga and feel clear minded. Something we all aim for, but do not always pursue to improve. I hope this inspires some of you as much as it inspired me. 

It was especially great to see a man doing yoga and speaking so highly of it, as most of the time it is women I see on social media talking about yoga. Yoga is for both men and women, boys and girls of all ages. Men – let this inspire you and get on the mat!

You don’t have to be able to bend over backwards to be able to do yoga. Flexibility comes with practice, time and pure dedication. As Adriene Louise (an american yogini)  says, the hardest part is getting onto the Mat. But once on the Mat, you are there for yourself and you dedicate that time and practice to yourself and your mind and body. Why not give it a go? The worst that can happen, is you don’t like it and it’s not for you. You never know until you try.

I discovered Felix through ‘Nowness’ an online multimedia website / blog feauturing various people from around the world from Art & Design, Food & Travel to Culture, Fashion and beauty. 

I then messaged him and am looking forward to be meeting him at some stage to take some photos and interview him for the blog. 

Credits: Video from Nowness