Goddess of water

Essence of life

Fuelling your body with refreshing water

Goddess of water

Water – Ultimately the essence of life.. a huge percentage of our body is made up of water. We drink it, we shower in it, bathe in it. We use it for cooking, to clean, to soak and within industries and agriculture.

So, when purchasing water to hydrate ourselves, it’s important to buy a brand which produces not only quality water but also eco friendly packaging to help protect our planet and seas as much as possible.

I recently discovered Goddess of water not long ago and was delighted to discover it’s packaging is 70% derived from vegetables and 100% recyclable. A very low percentage of bottles like this are currently on the market which is why this brand is so unique.

The illustration on the front is what initially captured my attention as it’s delicate graphics and bright colours ooze trust and good vibes. With a low PH and mineralization of water, this makes the perfect solution for your every day hydration needs.

The Bottles are available on Amazon where you have the option to buy either a pack of 4, 9 or 18.

As it’s not made from plastic, it is OK for it to be exposed to sunlight without BPA chemicals (Bisphenol A) affecting you. However the water will warm up, so best to leave it in a cool place if possible.

Great for everyone. I’ve recently been grabbing a bottle on the go and chucking it into my handbag as it’s light and perfect for my city runs! I’ve also been taking it to the pool recently where it stays cool in the shade and is the perfect refresher for a post swim.

If you’d like to find out more, head to Goddess of water Instagram where each post comes with facts, info and pics of Goddess of water around the world.

If you care about the environment and are careful about your health – I recommend this product. It’s simple, beautiful and makes a hell of a difference to the planet.

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What can you do to help?

  • Join local communities in picking up trash
  • Help spread the word through social media
  • Buy environmentally friendly products
  • Support local brands using plastic free packaging
  • Take your own bags to the supermarket / market
  • Recycle