Finding balance in fitness

Personal Trainer and Competitive Kayak Instructor

Bringing different exercises into your fitness regime to find equilibrium

Personal training done intuitively

PT at Room T Fitness.

Fitness isn’t just a part of life for Gonzalo, it’s a way of life and a daily routine done for both work and pleasure, but above all health and lifestyle.  Gonzalo is a personal trainer, working at a beautiful urban studio gym in Seville, Spain where he trains clients from all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds into becoming the best possible version of themselves.

He’s knowledgable about the human body and knows his nutrition so is able to give you advice and personalise meals for your fitness journey . 

Apart from working as a Personal trainer, he also trains kids who are competitive Kayakers, a water sport which is popular in Spain, especially in Sevilla where he lives and is doing a masters. 

Gonzalo is intent on keeping healthy through exercise, food and balance. He still goes out and has a wild social life at the weekend, loves to have fun and chill but also knows his limits when it comes to his health and what’s pushing the boundaries. Something not many humans his age are aware of till later in life! 

As Seville is so accessible to get around, Cycling to work and to the centre of the city is also a daily part of life where this man pushes his cardio to the limit ensuring he is always active and leading the healthiest possible lifestyle he can.

Waking up early one morning, he and I decided to meet at one the cities glorious parks alongside the river further out into the city. It took me a good 45 – 50 minutes to walk to from where I was living, which was longer than I had anticipated – but the most beautiful walk to start the day. Surrounded by palm trees, keen tourists ready to take on the day in mid summer and young bucks training before enjoying a day out. 

I arrived at the park, waiting on a bench by the river and enjoying the view. Gonzalo arrived on his bike (of course!) and we headed toward the northern side of the park – where a tropical paradise awaited. Parrots nested in the depths of the palm trees and little animals running about scurrying for food. Pretty breath taking. Sun was already beaming bright, but the heat hadn’t yet started to ‘tickle’ us as we say in Spain. 

We began taking shots with some simple stretches whilst I was being guided on what each stretch was for, followed by some yoga poses. 

Yoga is something which is worthwhile for everyone, but especially effective for those who weight train and have intensive sessions. Balancing your Yin and your Yang is crucial. Movements produced through yoga help to balance mind, body and spirit, aligning your thoughts and calming the nervous system to bring the crazy rushes sometimes felt from a weight session down to earth to harmonise and release any stress or tension in the body. 

Some think of yoga as simply stretching, however through the flow of movements – a little like a dance, you work all aspects of the body, toning and discovering areas within your system you might not have realised were tense or even there!

The session ended trying out new yoga poses and having a laugh under the sun.  We then cycled back into the city centre through the morning hustle and bustle.  He’s a speedy cycler … but I managed to keep up!

If you’re from Seville and interested in having some PT sessions, head here where you can find more information on this lovely man and what he and his colleagues have to offer.

You can also view his IG here for more visuals and info on García.