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An alternative way to relax yourself into your wellbeing - both mind and body.

Treat your health

Do you practice yoga? Meditate? Workout using body weight exercises? If you fall under any of these categories, then pay close attention folks.

Based on principles of acupressure and reflexology, this natural pain killer intensifies blood flow and stimulates active nerve centres, easing tension and providing a sense of safety and security in your home. Always nice to feel totally comfortable – even though I do urge you to also push your limits and dive right out of your comfort zone from time to time. Scary, but always worth it!

The Pranamat team are specialists in Health, Yoga and Wellbeing, Entrepreneurs and Designers …which makes this the perfect formula to create what has become my favourite way to start and end the day!

I was wonderfully surprised upon receiving my package. The Matt arrived wrapped in a beautiful carton box, showing off the company logo, which is of course the beautiful lotus flower in white (the purest and most spiritual of colours) – fully protected – so basically, no matter where you are in the world, you can be confident that your product will arrive safe and sound, and even look beautiful before you’ve had the chance to open it!

The health benefits I was impressed with after having used the matt for only 4 days were as follows: 

  • Back pain
  • Stomach pain (IBS / period cramps, bloating)
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Cellulite
  • Fatigue through releasing endorphins which is the bodies natural pain killer. 
  • Anxiety
  • Helping speed up metabolism 
  • A powerful painkiller

This will spiky matt will undoubtedly become your new BFF within minutes, helping create some peace amongst the chaos that is and has become, our every day lives. Society has turned into a place where there is often not as much time to stop, think & take a moment to breathe and observe what is happening around us. This has meant that we have to make the time and create this space for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Another incredible aspect of using this is that it doesn’t have to be specifically for this one purpose of ‘health’ focusing on the ‘pain’ you may be feeling (e.g. back pain). Girl it’s all about the full on pleasure! You can use it to practice yoga on or do body weight exercises with as it will only increase resistance and challenge you to your full potential!

For example if you are into Vinyasa flow and a little uneasy on flowing with the lotus flowers beneath your feet, perhaps start with some Cat – Cow opening exercises and finish your Savasana with the matt. This will slowly increment your threshold until you can fully flow with ease. 

I was aware the matt had many benefits before it arrived, however didn’t expect it to be such a long and fast list. I thought it might take a few weeks to feel or even to see any benefits, but I was so mistaken. The matt actually does what it says and delivers even more than it promises.

Where to start? Cellulite. Let’s begin here. So….. many females have a little (or a lot….) of cellulite somewhere on their body. Something which can cause a huge insecurity in body image for the ladies especially when it comes to beach days and Summertime. Through regular use of Pranamat for a (minimum) duration of 30 days, your skin will not only become smoother but also become more elastic, eliminating cellulite from the comfort of your home, whilst being able to regulate the results adding or subtracting the amount of time you use this product for. Regular massage has a high number of benefits such as improving circulation and stimulating Lymphatic drainage. Through releasing the Lymph nodes, you can begin to improve circulation around the body as well as water build up which obviously contributes to weight and bloating which for women, fluctuates when we are on our cycle. Which is why it’s so important to drink lots of water and help detox the body – which brings me to Pranamat! Another of the many benefits this awesome product has.

97% of people who use Pranamat for around a month have a huge reduction in stress which of course can be a trigger for our health, which can in some cases manifest itself in a physical form. 93% have increased energy & 80% less / close to no headaches . These are some pretty big percentages considering this product is fairly new! 

When you first begin to use the matt, you will experience a strong sensation of heat entering your body which at first may feel slightly alarming but once you relax into the matt, you become accustomed to this new feeling and the warmth it gives off. 

I think one of the reasons why it results so strange at first is because we’re used to creating out own heat. Whether that’s through movement or doing a certain activity – we are usually the ones to warm ourselves up. (Even if this means turning on the heating!!) However, when we have a treatment and have to relax ourselves and surrender it can result quite tricky to do so. 

You basically have a 24/7 massage and acupuncture treatment which not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also feels good. 

The heat and pain threshold depends on which part of the body you focus on, and the position you are in. For example, if you are aiming to reduce IBS symptoms and have a very bloated stomach – lying on your stomach on the matt for the first few moments or do can result a little uncomfortable. The most important thing is to remember to breathe and allow the discomfort to pass by, always concentrating on the breath.

Into your fitness / wellbeing fashion? Pranamat comes in six different shades of colour. Turquoise, Purple, Orange, grey and beige where the colours are combined alternatively with the lotus flower and the colour of the linen.  Each Matt has 55 lotus’s with 25 petals each, making this double as effective.

One thing which is really important for me when purchasing anything at all, whether it be a handbag, makeup, food or a book is quality and sustainability.

This company have a huge commitment to quality, using coconut fibre as a filler for the mattress as well as a linen filler cover where the lotus flowers are Hypoallergenic HIPS. The cotton is also Odor Free with all materials being Eco friendly and top quality made intelligently, rather than fast and cheap which is often the case with a lot of companies in the health and wellbeing sector. This is what makes the product also so unique! 

The matts are produced in Latvia where they are made with the utmost Love and attention to detail. What’s even more fab is the fact that there’s a 5 year warranty AND a 30-day trial period! The companies social media pages are a fountain of knowledge where you will find a huge list of inspiring stories as well as advice on how to use the products and honest reviews from all backgrounds of people. All orders are dispatched within 1 working business day. 

Read about Pranamat on Bazaar, Women’s Health, Elle, Natural Health, Your Fitness, Women’s Fitness and the Green parent. Take a step forward for your health.

I can’t wait to continue using this to see what other benefits it brings me into my daily life! I’ve already introduced it to a number of friends who have purchased them and are also spreading the love! 

Have some self Love. Have some self Respect and Treat yo-self to a Gorgeous product which will not only make you feel on top of the world, but also improve basic conditions of your life which often go unnoticed but can mean the world to us. These small niggles, pains and aches are the ones which can radically change our mood from hungry to Hangry and light to dark within a matter of hours. So…think very carefully about your spiritual development and what causes us to change our minds so quickly.. and perhaps sometimes make such rash choices in our lives.

Delve deep into stimulating the senses where the external distractions are minimised to help the body in completely relaxing. Believe it or not, Savasana is actually one of the hardest poses to master. One of the reasons for this is because we are not used to taking the time to fully relax and unwind mind, body & soul. 

invest in your future health.

If you’d like further information on this product feel free to email me HERE or check out the info on the available pages where you will find plenty of supporting statements and further reviews linked from other social pages (which FYI are totally worth following!!!!) – Spain – Uk

PLEASE NOTE: Avoid jumping, dragging or sitting quickly to prevent scratches or any other minor injuries. 

Images from Pranamat Instagram

Words by @lunitaetstellae