Film maker and Surfer

Chasing waves and adventure

Avid Cornish bred explorer ..

Will Hamling

Will Hamling is a born and bred Cornish Film maker who lives and breaths for the outdoors ; whether this be surfing, snowboarding or creating short films.  Having grown up here his whole life, he knows the ultimate spots and secrets hidden within this enchanting part of the UK. 

I hopped into the car in Falmouth and before I knew it had arrived in Rinsey, where the shoot was taking place. A spot located between Helston and Penzance where Will has been surfing since, well, forever. 

My first view of Rinsey was an old Coal mine instantly reminding me of Poldark. I chuckled to myself. Cornwall really sparkles. It has a unique energy few places have. And this spot. Well .. I was happy to see the coal mine but when I laid eyes upon the beach, that’s a different story altogether. 

We walked along the rugged coastline which then led down to this small beach pumping fiery waves; A surreal location.

The sun was on our side and so the lighting was fabulous. It was meant to be. Hoorah! 

I brought along a 24mm wide angle lens and my 50mm. Perfect for capturing the endless beauty surrounding us, but also great for creating panoramic like portraits. 

It was fun to play with the various background drops. 

I asked Will to describe to me what influences him and why.  His words were: 

“The ever changing movement in nature inspires me most of all, it leads me to want to capture it and turn it into a visual story for people to also be inspired. The waves, sky, trees and wind are all things that drive me to want to film. It’s a challenge but a passion that I will forever keep. I love to captivate the senses that surround and through film I have found a way to do this.” 

Take a look at his Vimeo and Instagram for a better understanding of his work and to get in contact with him.