And.. Breathe

Mindful Core

Giving ourselves room for breath, intention and further awareness into our exercise routines, lifestyle and mind, body, soul connection.

Mindful Core

M a k e | S p a c e

Just breathe

Breath. Something we need. A necessity to live! It sounds pretty simple – but there are so many ways to incorporate various breath techniques into our daily lives.

It’s a form of bringing complete awareness into our mind, body and soul. To truly fire up our entire being.

A good friend of mine: Natalie recently designed her Mindful core training programme, aimed to become Mindful through movement.

I signed up to the 8-session programme with Natalie, excited to begin this journey. Breath work isn’t new to me as I meditate daily and practice a lot of yoga. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, this completely took my breath away. (ha ha!)

The exercises are grounding, challenging and really do work your core and focus your mind. Through learning how to expand my lungs and my belly properly, I was able to really tune into my body whilst, during and after each exercise.

Throughout quarantine, I focused a lot on core work, however it got to a point where I would be really dreading it and become out of breath quickly. As I’d done this and have a sporty background, I felt confident before each exercise. But low and behold – these were tricky!! When you are being guided by a professional, you adjust various parts of your body which make a HUGE difference. Add on intentional breathing and what may look like from the outside like the same e.g. Plank is a completely different plank with a whole other feel.

I would also practice the days in-between our sessions to give myself space to expand as fully as possible.

Some days, instead of an hours yoga practice or pilates, I now do my core work using my breath and setting an intention before practice. I’ve never felt so connected to myself and how my physical body feels. It’s incredible. It continues to amaze me just how much reign we have over ourselves.

Natalie is not your typical gal. She’s not only a professional coach and Personal trainer, but also has Cystic Fibrosis so has extensive knowledge and understanding of Lung function, functional movement and the cherry on the top:- she is a highly empathetic human toward everyone.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in her programme and strongly recommend this to anyone. It brings so much more than a fresh breath into your life.

Find out more on Natalie’s Johannas website or get in touch with me if you have any questions you’d like to ask.

Enjoy wellness journey.. often we think we’ve got it sorted but there’s so much more we can learn – it’s a gift to make the most of one another’s strengths!